The California Agribusiness Executive Seminar (CAES) was co-founded in 1989 by Chester McCorkle, Professor of Agricultural Economics at UC Davis, and Bill Henderson, Executive Vice President, of Wells Fargo Bank. Chet and Bill’s vision was to develop a strategic management program targeting senior California agribusiness executives and emphasizing analysis of case studies of West Coast agribusiness firms and the strategic challenges they faced. The CAES was designed as a West Coast alternative to Harvard’s Agribusiness program pioneered by Ray Goldberg.

The Seminar has been held on a biennial basis since 1989, with Chet serving as Faculty Director from inception through the 2002 program. In 2004 Roberta Cook, Cooperative Extension Specialist in the Agricultural and Resource Economics Department (ARE) at UC Davis, assumed the reins as Faculty Director of the Program and remained at the helm through the 2010 Seminar offering. Daniel Sumner, Professor and Frank Buck Chair in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics at UC Davis, coordinated the 2012 and 2014 Programs as Faculty Director.  The 2017 Seminar inaugurated a new faculty director, Tina Saitone, Cooperative Extension Specialist in ARE at UC Davis, who continues to date in this capacity. 

Wells Fargo Bank has partnered with UC Davis to offer the CAES since its inception. Following Bill Henderson, JoAnn Bertges, Executive Vice President of Wells Fargo Bank, became adviser to the Seminar in 2002, continuing through 2006. From 2008 - 2014, Rob Yraceburu, Executive Vice President at Wells Fargo, served as the Seminar adviser. For the 2017 Seminar offering, Gene Peterson, Executive Vice President and National Food and Agribusiness Division Manager, and Denise Cahill, Senior Vice President and Director of Industry Sectors,  served as the Wells Fargo Bank Seminar advisers, and continue to do so to date.

Amid the changes in faculty directors and Wells Fargo advisers, one constant throughout the life of the Seminar has been the leading role played by Ken McCorkle. Now retired from his position as Executive Vice President of Wells Fargo, Ken remains with the seminar as a prolific case author and teacher and steering committee member. One of the key factors in launching the CAES was Ken’s experiences attending the Harvard MBA program and working under Ray Goldberg on the Harvard Agribusiness Executive Seminar.

The CAES remains a three-way partnership between UC Davis, Wells Fargo Bank, and the California agribusiness community. Several of the CAES steering committee members, including John Harris, David Gill, and Chris Rufer, were also instrumental in starting the CAES and remain active in its planning and operations today.

Through its 16 offerings, the CAES has presented more than 114 case studies and issue papers on key challenges confronting agribusiness. Each seminar enrolls 80 – 90 of California’s leading agribusiness executives on an invitation-only basis.