Keynote Speaker: Michael Henderson


When it comes to organisational culture, few people can bring the in-depth knowledge and experience that an anthropologist can. When this cultural expertise is mixed with extensive business experience a unique combination emerges. A combination that is embodied in Michael Henderson.

Michael has a degree in anthropology and is a Thought Leader in the field of High Performance Organisational Culture. He is in demand as a keynote speaker and business consultant, and the author of seven books on organisational culture, values, and leadership. Michael brings 30 year’s experience and learning, to share what it takes to create and maintain a high performance company culture.

His work in aligning workplace culture to business strategy has been recognised as pioneering, practical, fast and effective. Michael is a recipient of the Thought Leader Mentor of the year award in recognition of his ability to guide organisations to capture, package, and deliver their ideas for the benefit of others using a strategic Thought Leadership approach.

Michael delivers approximately 60 Keynotes a year and his delivery style is a mixture of authoritative know-how, motivational encouragement, humorous observation, quiet reflection, profoundly simplifying insights, and easy to follow steps, or as one participant commented after hearing Michael speak:

“Over the years I’ve heard many people talk on culture. But not like this. Not with this depth of understanding. Not with Michaels’ ability to make everything so clear, so comprehensive and yet so simple to work with and apply.”