Origin Green: Differentiating the Irish Food Industry

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Case Executive: Tara McCarthy, CEO

Origin Green is Ireland's national food and drink sustainability program. It is the first and still the only sustainability program that is run on a national scale, uniting government, private sector, and food retailers. Origin Green is applied across all sectors (dairy, beef, fresh produce, etc.) and all levels of the supply chain, including farm audits and third-party verified sustainability plans for processing firms and retailers. The objective of the program, which is administered by Bord Bia (Irish Food Board), is to make Irish food and drink more competitive in export markets. Since its launch in 2012, Origin Green has been widely adopted and today about 95% of Ireland's food and drink exports come from Origin Green verified suppliers. The Origin Green case will allow participants to discuss the viability of large-scale sustainability programs and the effort and actions required to bring public and private actors together to achieve a shared vision of differentiated production.

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